Short and Sweet

Day 5

Part 1 – Who am I?  But not totally.

Chapter 2: Short and Sweet 

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Reading has always been a challenge for me. I have what one might identify as novel narcolepsy. I don’t actually have narcolepsy but one might guess as much looking at the photos my little sister often posts to my Facebook wall  of me asleep in random places and usually with an upright drink in my hand.

I do love to read but stories broken down into smaller bits assist with my uncontrollable urge to nod off one or two pages into a chapter or side stepping into a story I find written in between the lines. Head nods and constantly having to go back a couple of paragraphs to remember where I left off make enjoying a good book both painful and challenging. Smaller chapters provide me with that motivating ‘only a couple of pages to go’ element that helps me keep focus.

So both to assist in the ability to comfortably read back my own book a million times before publishing, and in the spirit of the dream I wish to make a reality, this imagined tale is packaged with those with short attention spans in mind. If you are not of this category, than simply ignore the random bold titles every so many pages and continue as if the chapters are twenty pages in length. I wish I carried your steadfastness.

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