Bon Voyagee

Day 230

Cheyenne and I have been together for almost 3 years now. If I were to take (more than) a few moments to think of everything we have done and all that has been placed in our path over that period in time, I could likely write a gripping tale of love, loss, hope, desperation and new beginnings.

She is patient and kind. Otherwise, we are not where we are today about to board this plane whisking us away to a tropical paradise. Thanks for sticking it out, Chey. If we can survive the chaos that has been the last 3 years, I’d say we can about bloody well make it through anything.

Neither of us have left this continent. In fact, when we took the time to really look back at these past few years, we realized that we have also never gone away just the two of us. We’ve had many fun sleepover adventures with our three girls but time to ourselves has been few days and far between. I have my girls half of the time, and she hers full-time so there aren’t many days just her and I. I don’t mind I know I will really miss this busy life when they are all off being adults even though I have told them to stop growing.

This week, I am thankful that we have a lot of great friends and a wonderful, supportive family who ensure kid and critter sitters are in abundance.

Although my luggage is not packed – other than a bathing suit, one pair of underpants, one pair of socks, sandals and flip flops (#ABlokesBaggage), plans for the Gecko, three cats (and our outdoor friends), and our 60 lb Lab/Collie, are all in place. My girls are with their mom for March break since I had them an extra week over the summer, Cheyenne’s daughter is off to camp grams and gramps for the week, and we are both struggling through our last day of work.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

It’s surreal for the both of us. I don’t think the reality of it all will settle in until we are strapped in a giant hunk of steel, ready to take our chances over shark infested waters and #Trumpland.

We’ve gotten a great deal of advice from family, friends, and coworkers who have ventured to our destination before. I thought of packing peanut butter, ketchup, and various other recommendations, but with the items we were advised to bring to tip staff, I think our bags will be full enough.  I’ll survive without condiments in exchange for warm sand between my toes and sunshine as I look out at big, fluffy, white flakes floating in a steady stream outside my window. The snow is a beautiful site but I have had just about enough of this SAD nonsense.

Tonight, Chey and I will enjoy one last evening alone with the critters and by this time tomorrow, we’ll be at Pearson ready to flap our wings.

Maybe I’ll write about from our destination. Or maybe I’ll enjoy a tech-free existence. I’ll say hi at least once and share a pic. I’ll promise at least that.

Wish me luck with this packing thing. It’s always my nemesis.

Bon voyagee!

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