Project Milestones

Let’s Buy A School Milestones:

Sep 9 2016 – INSE is born.
Sep 10 to Jul 26 2017 – Discussions begin for re-birth of IMH and how the new concept will work.
Jul 27 2017 – Let’s Buy a School project commences as an interactive Google Doc.
Sep 5 2017 – Nescora agrees to let us use his track, Krazy Over You as our theme song.
Sep 9 2017 – INSE is a year old. Many conversations in the community continue to happen as we develop the business concept.
Dec 12 2017 – Let’s Build a School INSE hit’s 100 followers in 108 days.
Jan 20 2018 – First audio recording of LBAS uploaded to the blog. Narrated by the
author, Jack Taylor (but not really).